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Department Svanavågen
Egersund Net in Svanavågen employs about 40 production workers who make netting for new purse seines, produce special nets such as roof nets, casting nets and container nets as well as 
carrying out washing, servicing and the finishing of new purse seines.

Our service to customers is based on long time experience and established know how.

Department Austevoll
Egersund Net dep Rabben is located in the municipality of Austevoll. This department services the fish farming industry by washing and repairing old nets and finishing new nets for installation. This modern cost effective installation covers the demand for services in this field in the county of Hordaland and parts of Rogaland.

The Rabben department also produces various special products such as roof nets, casting nets and container nets. 

Besides, Egersund Net has established a special gear shop at Rabben offering a complete range of fish farming equipment. In store quality goods from established brands guarantee speedy delivery – with imprint of any logo. We offer know how, good service and competitive prices.

Department Brønnøysund
On the coast of Helgeland, in the county of Nordland, you’ll find Egersund Net on the island Gårdsøya outside the town Brønnøysund. Here our service for the fish farming business includes washing, repair and finishing of new nets for all of Nord-Trøndelag county and the southern and middle part of Nordland.

Department Kristiansund
Egersund Net dept Kristiansund lies on Rensvik Holmen Frei municipality outside Kristiansund. Service station offering mainly cleaning, repair and impregnation of nets to the aquaculture industry.

The faculty works five experienced and skilled staff. Service station was originally owned by Leroy Hydrotek was taken over by Egersund Net 1 January 2011.

Department Vevelstad
Egersund Net’s service department at Vevelstad between Brønnøysund and Sandnessjøen on the coast of Helgeland caters for the fish farming contractor Nova Sea, washing, repairing old and preparing new nets for use. This department was officially opened in the autumn of 2009.

Department Vesterålen
Egersund Net Vesterålen is found at Andenes where it was established in 2001 to service the fish farming business by washing, repairing old and preparing new nets for use in the northern part of the county of Nordland as well as in the two northernmost counties, Troms and Finnmark.

Department Litauen
Production of fish farming nets takes place in our modern and ISO certified Lithuanian subdivision.

UAB Egersund Net is located in the Lithuanian town Taurage.



Along the Norwegian coastline Egersund Net has established 6 service departments. These are modern industrial installations, with a good production capacity and strict adherence to government regulations with regard to pollution of the environment.