Coned nets

Easier, safer and more cost effectiveEgersund Net Circle Angled (ENCA) and Egersund Net Circle Coned (ENCC). Simple and safe handling of nets.

More than 40 years of experience

The design makes operations easier, improves safety and can be cost-efficient. More than 40 years of experience is the basis of these innovative solutions.
A cone- shaped structure with single weight system can be delivered with a circumference up to 200 m and above. 

Egersund Net circle coned net (ENCC) has been supplied for a number of years, with exceptional feedback from our customers. On the basis of this concept, we have developed an alternative netdesign (ENCA), also equipped with center weight. 

Both designs retain their volume and shape even when deployed at exposed locations.

The system has been carefully tested and documented.

"Safer handling"
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Egersund Net Circle Angled (ENCA).
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Egersund Net Circle Coned (ENCC) .

User manuals

ConstructionENCA 160 253580 60ENCC 160 405255 60
Circumference160 m160 m
Depth to bottom rope25 m40 m
Depth to center of inner bottom35 m52 m
Depth to center bottom80 m55 m
Number of side ropes6060
Netting area6632 m25626 m2
Volume43568 m340353 m3
The table above shows some typical examples, but specifications may vary based on requirements to the structure and customer preferences.

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