Nets for square cages

Egersund Net Rectangular (ENR) and Egersund Net Square (ENS): Custom made for the individual steel installation.

Egersund Net supplies rectangular as well as square solutions for steel-based installations.

The structures are custom-made in accordance with individual requirements and installation.
We design smart solutions for net walls as well as net bottoms. Nets adapted to steel-based installations can be delivered in the form of straightwalled, coned or pointed designs. The bottom of the net can be of a sloping or non-sloping design.
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Egersund Net Square (ENS).
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Egersund Net Rectangular (ENR).

User manuals

ConstructionENR 24x51 2035 48ENS 25x25 1010 16
Circumference150 m100 m
Depth to bottom rope20 m10 m
Depth to center bottom35 m10 m
Number of side ropes4816
Netting area1853 m25149 m2
Volume6825 m354601 m3
The table above shows some typical examples, but specifications may vary based on requirements to the structure and customer preferences.

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