Straight wall circular net

Egersund Net Circle (ENC): Optimal use of volume. The volume of this design can easily be adjusted in a simple manner by varying the wall depth, the use of horizontal ropes and by "drying" the net.

The structure is very flexible.

It can be used regardless of the local water depth and with various weight systems.
The ENC design has been thoroughly tested in both the SINTEF flume tank (Hirtshals, Denmark) and in full scale. In cooperation with several customers, we have accumulated solid experience, competence and documentation related to this design.

All circular designs can be adapted to sinker tubes or single weights.
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Circular net with single weights.
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Circular net with sinker tube.

User manuals

ConstructionENC 160 2035 60
Circumference160 m
Depth to bottom rope20 m
Depth to center bottom35 m
Number of side ropes60
Netting area7770 m2
Volume55616 m3
The table above shows a typical example, but specifications may vary based on requirements to the structure and customer preferences.

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