Netting made in Norway

A high level of flexibility, capacity and the ability to quickly adapt to changes ensure fast delivery.

We have a high focus on continuity and efficiency throughout the whole manufacturing process, from the manufacturers of the filaments to the end product.

We have full traceability in our production process.

Egersund Net uses filaments from reputable European suppliers. Long-term cooperation with suppliers ensures the best technical solutions. 

We deliver superknot, hexagonal netting, standard knotless netting as well as a variety of knotted netting. Our netting is manufactured of Nylon P6 or Dyneema® filaments.
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Our netting is manufactured with a meshwidth of 1008 meshes, and we are able to produce netting with a breaking strength from 36kg up to 191kg.

Our highly qualified employees have been with us for many years, gathering a great deal of experience, competence and understanding of product characteristics.

"High quality netting"

Other Products

egersundgroup dsc 5306The netting is manufactured by skilled employees with a high level of experience.
notlin-produksjonenThe entire production of netting is performed at our main facility in Egersund.
notlin-nylonNylon netting is very suitable for recycling, and has a low carbon footprint.
notlin-produseresThe entire manufacturing process is monitored at every stage.