Treatment of nets - coating and antifouling

A high level of safety during the production process, and optimal results from treatment.

Egersund Net has developed an indoor treatment facility for nets.

Our net treatment facilities ensure identical conditions throughout the year and has a high level of efficiency.

We put a great deal of emphasis on the safety of operations during the production process. When the net has been suspended and is ready for treatment, dipping, drying and packing is executed in a single operation. This reduces the risk of damage being caused to the net.

However, the most important thing is that the result from the treatment of a net will be optimal. We do this by impregnating the nets by a process based on dipping, to ensure that the absorbsion of coating or antifouling is optimal.
We are currently offering coating and antifouling products from NetKem, Steen-Hansen and Brynsløkken.

Our employees exchange information on a continuous basis, and are working in accordance with "best practice" philosophy. Egersund Net is recognized for its skillful and professional employees. This is one of the reasons our customers can rely on us.

"Optimal treatment of nets"

We focus on quality during the entire process, dipping, drying as well as net handling.