R&D - Research and Development

We are continuously engaged in research and development activities, emphasizing improvement and innovation.

We intend to reduce the risk of escapes, reduce the risk of disease, and optimize handling and operation.

Our solutions must be safe on behalf of the customer, and we invest considerable resources on verification of new solutions, often in cooperation with the customer, research institutions and other cooperating partners. 

In addition, we maintain emphasis on simplifying operations. We are working on continuous product development within a number of areas, as well as testing of various designs in cooperation with our customers. 

Testing of materials

Our laboratory is equipped with advanced technological equipment for verifying the characteristics of ropes and other materials. All components are carefully tested and documented before being implemented in any of our products.
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Net in 0.5 knot current.
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Net in 1.0 knot current
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Net in 1.5 knot current
Testing of models

Egersund Net invests major resources in product development and testing of models in cooperation with our customers. A test tank belonging to SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture is often used in order to improve our knowledge about various designs. The test tank allows simulation of various currents and wave conditions.



fou-nye-modeller-dokumentertNew models are carefully documented under various conditions in a flume tank by SINTEF in Denmark.
fou-noyaktige-notmodellerDetailed small-scale models of net designs are used for testing.
fou-provetankenThe test tank is also used in cooperation with customers in order to solve challenges related to local operation and the preparation of new working procedures.
fou-3d-illustrasjonA 3D illustration of a new tubenet concept.