Egersund Net offers service supplied by eight modern service facilities along the coast of Norway - from Egersund to Skjervøy.Our customers can rely on Egersund Net to supply the best possible service on their nets and equipment throughout the lifespan of the products.

Professional service skilled employees

All service of nets done by our employees as well as service history is available in our Net-reg equipment database.

The copper ratio in the wastewater from our facilities is lower than the mandatory limits set by the authorities. Besides lower copper ratio, we monitor and make sure that the discharge is free of pathogens.
Two types of waste are removed during the cleaning process; one contains sludge waste and the other is coarse waste. The sludge waste is sent for copper recycling and the organic waste is sent to approved partner for incineration.

"Egersund Net is recognized for providing a high level of service

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